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Nancy | @
Brilliant band on Sat 27th April
29 April 2013 - Cheadle

Hi Yvonne and everybody at the Bakers vaults last night , Thanks for a great welcome . It was a first for us and I'm sure it won't be the last. Great gig, great crowd and fantastic venue.
17 February 2013

keith | @
Yvonne hi, Rock Republik here a Preston based band of growing repute. So pleased to find you and the opportunity to promote our band. Last nite 2nd Feb we teased and pleased at The Cavern Liverpool and whilst we have a strong diary over the coming months would love to add you guys for a set. We'll be in touch direct with relevant you tube and web links but just wanted to touch base say thanks for keeping it real and grab us while you can.
3 February 2013 - preston lancaahire

Brown bear's buddy | @
I say what Brown bear says! Doors Doors Doors! It's the future :-) ………please
6 October 2012 - Stockport

brown Bear | @
Doors doors doors think you get the clue my sweetness a doors tribute band pretty pretty please!the time to hesitate is through!
5 October 2012 - Stockport

al | @
hi all. its al from '28 years later' an indie/punk covers band from urmston. we have some slots free coming up. ring al on 07504390212. would like to play at the bakers, check us out on northwest bands. there are links to our vids and facebook
16 September 2012

31 July 2012 - HERE

Pete | @
Gary, there is an acoustic open mic on every third Wednesday - see the "What's on?" section. Yes, it does say Blues, but really anything's OK. Just turn up and ask if you want a spot. Cheers.
13 July 2012 - Sunny Stockport

Gary | @
Hi just wanted to say how great it is to see a pub firmly promoting live music. Do you do an acoustic night? If so could you let me know how to get a spot on it. Got a few songs my friend and I wrote, we do it for the love of it but the best test is to play them live. Any help you can give me would be fantastic!!
7 June 2012 - Stockport

Landlady | @
As much as we are trying to bring new bands into the Bakers such as Led Into Zeppelin, Fink Ployd, Black Rose, Band of Gypsies etc. And of course we have Leaf Promotions, Muted Promotions who bring in new and upcoming talent to our stage. We do have to listen to our customers and there are some good old favourites out there that we are asked to bring back time and time again. However, we are in the process of asking our customers what they would like to see. Please feel free to leave me comments on what kind of band/music they would like to hear. SKA, punk, soul. For instance, recently we were asked for a 70`s type band. In a few months you will be able to see THE GLAMMED!! T.Rex, The Sweet, Bowie and much more. Unfortunately some bands cost waaayy much more than we can afford, however, we will endeavor to get as many different bands as we can. Stay in touch with me and let me know the kind of thing you would like to see
10 May 2012 - Bakers

Monty Don | @
Please get some more bands on as I am sick of seeing the same ones even though they are great I would like to see some new ones
2 May 2012 - Didsbury

monica | @
Love this pub awesome night with the jalapeños last night
29 April 2012 - Manchester

David G | @
must say great night thur and replacement band ,first class ,,and great your staying open ,staff and people there are Great ,,,
21 April 2012 - sale

Sound Solutions | @
Oh shiny new look , Me likey
14 April 2012 - Happyfax

Yvonne the Landlady | @
New look website coming soon
10 April 2012

Jonathan | @
Hiya, nice, easy to use website in the main but when I click on the "email Yvonne" link, it doesn't work for me and I don't want to change my default email client for one email. Could you provide the email (for artist details etc). Thank you x
3 April 2012 - Cheshire

Yvonne the Landlady | @
I think its time we quashed all the rumours surrounding the Bakers Vaults. We are NOT going to close down, not now, not in the future. Over the next few weeks, there will be a tenancy change. You, as our valued customers and friends, will see no changes whatsoever. Our staff will be the same, the quality of bands will be the same and better and I will be at the helm. The doors of our beloved pub will be staying open and welcoming you all as normal. We STILL have the best pub in the world, with the best customers and the best bands and its GOING TO STAY THAT WAY!!! So stick with us, and we`ll be rockin for a long time to come. Luv you all loads, Yvonne and the staff xxxxxx
18 March 2012

Depressed | @
Is it true you are closing down??
14 March 2012 - cheadle

Bermuda Hatter | @
Rock Doctors were excellent on Sat night. I'm trying to upload a video I took, but it's in HD and taking forever. Link will be here YouTube, look for Bermy08. Can't post a direct link as this site blocked me. Filmed a few other videos of Rock Doctors
13 March 2012 - Birmingham

Grinning Idiot | @
Don't forget to follow @GrinningIdiots on twitter for latest updates of what's going on in the pub!!! =D
22 February 2012 - Bakers Vaults

Sound Solutions | @
Sound Solutions Presents is pleased to be hosting nights at the Bakers. Check us out 1st Thursday of the Month. Different Genre every month. March is Bluegrass & Americana.
13 February 2012 - Driving my desk

Blakey | @
I used to love playing The Bakers when I was playing with "Back in Business" we had many a great night and I also remember the bank holiday market festival. Happy days.
10 February 2012 - Hyde

marko johnson | @
Absolutely superb night in the company of Ledzepp-DC t'other Friday. Been coming in for 20 years or more now better than ever. Keep Music Live!!
31 January 2012 - cheadle heath

vicky | @
love the pub - got any jobs? i am 19 nearly 20
26 January 2012 - stockport

julie | @
so dissapointed to miss ledzep/dc - when they on again ?
26 January 2012 - marple

Landlady | @
Sorry the January gig list is a little late. Will be here in a short time.
4 January 2012 - Bakers

Trouble | @
Amazing pub, been going in here for years. It has definitely improved with the new Landlady and staff! They're lovely people, great atmosphere and cracking bands. 10/10
5 December 2011 - Stockport

Kelvin Leathem | @
Hi. This is my first visit to your site.and i look forward to playing with my band 'RAGTAG',at the 'Baker's Vaults' on January 5th. Best wishes to all, and see you on the night.
22 November 2011 - United Kingdom

Nicola Batty | @
We actually made it over there and greatly enjoyed the live music, but neither Sam or Lorraine were there! Disappointing. are you still the owners?
29 August 2011 - Manchester